Calling & adding some images

Today I’m on the telephone calling the new list, it’s a good call, I’m calling leisure centres seeing if they wanted to receive an email offering to take over their direct debits, it’s a pretty good call because it’s such a good deal, I’m starting to feel pretty confident with it, it’s just a little annoying not getting through to anyone, I haven’t got any leads just yet, but I have got a few emails sent over and a couple of hot call backs that I’m feeling good about, I’ll have to see how they pan out.

I also created a few images using Photoshop & added them onto a website, I think they look pretty cool & I’m glad how they turned out, you can find the website here and they are in the FIT shop part of the website, let me know what you think please. It’s also been a pretty quiet day because Paul is out of the office in a meeting all day, it’s just been me & Gemma here today on the telephones.

I thought today I would end on a video I found on YouTube, it’s a dog that seems to be able to do more things than I can, I thought I would share it on here cause it’s really cool and it made me laugh.

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