Digital day ready for my holiday

Today has been a digital day and I am getting everything ready because I am off on holiday next week, I’m going to Magaluf with a bunch of friends so that should be really exciting. I have quite a bit to do but I am making my way through it and should have things done ready for before I leave today. This means that unfortunately I won’t be blogging next week but when I’m back in the following week the posts will be coming daily as usual.

I have gotten the Social Media posts ready to go out next week, I had to be very careful with what I was doing but everything is good now and the posts should start flowing Monday next week. I have also started uploading the product descriptions on the Boxing Shop website I have been working on. I will have this done by the end of today. I am really happy with how the website looks, I can’t wait to make the site live and I will be able to post it on here so people can have a look.

Today I thought I would end on this brilliant website I found on the internet, it compares building a game in HTML5 and Flash. The website was has both the HTML and flash builds of the game and I think is a perfect showcase to show people what they can do with HTML. I need to find out how to create something like that and possibly have a go at something like this myself. You can find the website here.

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List Cleaning

Today has been a phone day and I have spent the whole day calling a list to get the right information about them, it’s taken a while to do but I am getting on and making my way down. I haven’t had any problems so far, so things are good.

Me and Paul also got an email regarding a small Social Media campaign which we are going to be looking at, a band wants to use Social Media to promote their new EP so we are going to be looking at this and advising on what they could be doing. I have been thinking about this for a little while and am going to be coming forward with some ideas later to Paul and the client. It should be good to see what we can come up with and i’ll make sure to post on here tomorrow to let people know what we came up with.

I thought today I would end on a really cool website I found, it gives you a visual representation of how small one day in the grand scheme of things really is. It looks really cool and I really like how simple it is yet it gets a message across. You can check it out here.

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Creating a newsletter and optimising a e-commerce website

Today I have spent most of the day creating 2 newsletters ready to go out next week, one is for Talk Twenty 1 and another is for The Fit Group. Both are almost ready to go out, I just have to add a little more content into them both but once they are ready and posted I will share a link for people to view them on here.

I have also been looking at different ways we could improve the Boxing Shop Online website, we seem to get quite a large amount of visitors to the site and we want to turn more of those into sales. So I have been looking at creating something to go onto the landing page letting people that we have free delivery on our most popular item (boxing rings). I am going to be reading a lot more to see if there is anything else which I could be doing so keep an eye on the Boxing Shop Online website as I may be adding some more things in.

Today I thought I would end on a little test I found on the internet, it’s a video that lets you know how old you ears are by playing a series of sounds. I was unable to hear anything just after “under 20” it would be interesting to see what other people got. Please comment below letting me know what age you were unable to hear things.

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Getting product descriptions & a meeting

Today has been a pretty busy day, I have spent most of it creating product descriptions for all the products on the Boxing Shop Online website, it’s taken a while because there are a lot of products on here but I am making my way through them so it shouldn’t take too much longer to get through.

Eric my tutor also came to the office today so that we could have a meeting and see how things are going, I am up to date with all my college work so things are good on that front. I also spoke with Austen and Paul about my future at Talk Twenty 1, I have lots of things I have written down and I need to take a look through everything tonight so that I can start providing good ideas for our Social Media plans.

I thought that today I would end on a app for IPhone (it is also a program which you can download on Mac), it’s called Pocket and I think that it is very helpful, I already use an app called Flipboard which is very cool, it allows you to look through topics and get the latest news on this topic. What Pocket does is the app allows you to save any posts or any images which you find on the internet to the program which then you can come back and read them later. Something like this is very helpful because it means that I can save something I want to read later and come back to it to check it out. You can find their website and download the appĀ here.

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Social media schedule and list cleaning

Today I have been doing a couple of things I spent the first half of the morning (like all Mondays now) uploading the social media schedules onto our system so that the posts can start going out in the week. Everything is loaded in for the week, I just need to now keep an eye on them to see how things are going.

I have also been carrying on with a list cleaning campaign, it’s going quite well so far. I am calling up gyms and making sure that we have the correct information on them in regards to their direct debit collections. I have quite a high target for this week but I am pretty sure I can get it if I put my head down and crack on.

I am really looking forward to getting home tonight because I know that the final Breaking Bad season is starting on Netflix, it feels like it’s been forever since the last one and I can’t wait to see what they are going to do with everything. If you haven’t seen it yet then you really are missing out.

I thought today I would end on some really cool movie posters I found on the internet and I thought it would be cool to post them on here. They take one of the biggest lines in the film and create a poster around that. I thought it would be good to put them on here and see if people can guess which films they are all from. Comment below if you can guess any.











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Blogging from a train

Today’s been a pretty different day, I’m actually on the train at the moment heading into a college for a meeting to see how things are going, kind of a little review of how things are going so far, I’ll make sure to let people know how it went on Mondays blog post.

The first half of my morning I spent posting some more images onto another social media profile, our clients have taken an advert in a local paper and they wanted to post a link onto their Facebook and Twitter pages just to link people to that, I just had to take a clipping of the advert so that everyone online could check them out.

I thought today that I would end on a handbook that’s going to be available in a couple of days, I’m pretty certain that I’m going to be buying it, it’s called the design career handbook and it looks really helpful if you are looking for a career in any aspect of design work, you can read more about it here.

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Final day of list cleaning

Today has been another day of list cleaning, i’m getting to the end now and I only have just under 50 emails to go through so that should take just a little longer. It’s taken just over a day and a half to get this far but I am pretty pleased with what I have done, everything’s looking really neat and a lot easier to read.

Other than the list cleaning I have been doing today I have also been uploading a Social Media schedule ready to go out for the rest of the week, this one was forĀ Talk Twenty 1, I got everything ready to go and now the posts are flowing out pretty regularly so everything’s good. Tomorrow i’m not having a full day, I am going to be in in the morning but I have a meeting at college and I have to make it there for 2 so I should probably leave work at about 12:30. This means that I will be able to blog on the train which should be fun.

I thought today I would end on a IPhone app, it’s called Agogo, it is kind of a news feed but only using audio, you select a topic and it gives you a list of podcasts and audio clips which tell you all about this topic. Firstly I think it looks absolutely amazing, it’s very easy to use and everything is right where you would want it to be and secondly I love podcasts, so something like this is amazing for me, you can listen to anything you would want on the go. You call all find it by searching Agogo in the App store or you can download it here.

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List cleaning day 2

Today has been a real quiet day, I am cleaning another database. This ones a little different though, a client of ours sent out an email asking everyone if they could reply but with their signature only (most email signatures include numbers and web addresses). I then get all of the replies and copy the information in the signatures and post them into the database. This makes the database up to date and easier to read. I have tons to do but it isn’t too bad i’ve just put my head down and am making way through it.

It’s going to be a bit of a short post today because other than the list cleaning I haven’t really done much else. I did upload a weeks worth of posts onto a new clients Social Media. I have been checking the posts that are going out in the week, just to make sure that they are being posted correctly and there aren’t any problems and things seem to be going great.

I found this image on the internet, its kind of like a infographic and I really like the way it looks so I thought I would share it on here, it tells you how to create the perfect Pimms, I know its a little late with the sun being gone now but I still think it looks really cool. You can see it below.


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List Cleaning day

Today has been a day spent on the telephones, I am going through a database and calling the numbers to double check that we have the correct information about them, it’s a little boring to do but I understand that it needs to be done. I understand that I am getting the information together so that when we call them back the data will be up to date and all in the same place. I am going to be calling this for the rest of today, I don’t think I am doing too bad, although it’s a little boring calling a number and asking the same question over and over.

I know that tomorrow I am going to be doing something quite similar, for one of our clients we asked everyone on a mailing list to send us a blank email with their signatures. From this I am going to be taking their signatures (phone number, email and name) and adding it to a database to make sure that it is up to date, this shouldn’t be too bad, I know that if I just put my head down and crack on it should fly by.

I thought I would end on a infographic today, although i’m not that big a fan of Dr. Who I know that the new Dr. was announced over the weekend so I thought it would be pretty cool to link to a infographic I found on the internet. It goes over every Dr. so far and lets you know little interesting facts about them. You can see it below.


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Social Media schedule and a E-Shot

Today has been a digital day and I have spent the majority of it adding in some Social Media posts to go out for this week, there are 9 schedules I am running at the moment and I just had to prep the posts ready to go out for the rest of the week. It’s a little overwhelming to look at all the different profiles but once they are in they are ready to go. I had a problem for a little while because I couldn’t get into a Twitter account because the password I was given didn’t work but I have reset that now and it’s all good.

After getting all the posts ready to go I had a little meeting with Paul just to go over some college work which I did last Friday, I had to ask him what people expected to get out of Social Media and we discussed different ways to track the things which we are doing. As soon as possible I am going to be creating a document which shows everything we are doing on clients Social Media, this way it makes it very easy for them to see what we are doing for them and allows them to see any growth and how much interaction they are getting on their profiles.

At the moment I am creating a e-shot which is going to be posted out at some point this week, it’s really cool because I am actually writing the code from scratch, I have tried some things which I haven’t done before and it’s worked really well. I had to align 2 items (text and a image) aside each other so I created a table and did it that way. I haven’t done this before and i’m really happy with the way it’s turned out. I should be able to use this on tons of things now and it’s going to make things a lot easier.

I thought that today I would end on free e-book I found online, it’s quite short but I think that it’s really helpful and is definitely worth a read. It lets you know how to take the design ideas of a client and put this into something they may want. Things like this are really helpful because sometimes it’s hard to come up with something good without a ton of content. You can download the e-book here.

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